Current Role

American's Next Top Modeler I am joining the faculty at the University of Wyoming as a tenure-track assistant professor, appointed jointly in the Department of Physics & Astronomy and the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences' School of Computing.

Professional Bio

Dr Meridith Joyce currently holds a Marie Curie Fellowship under the Widening designation at Konkoly Observatory in Budapest, Hungary. She will begin a professorship at the University of Wyoming (USA) in August of this year. Dr Joyce works on 1D stellar modeling, primarily with the MESA stellar structure and evolution code. Dr Joyce has been a member of the MESA software developers team since 2019 and plays a leading role in the annual MESA Summer School Programs, including serving as the program director for last year's workshop in Budapest (see MESA@Konkoly tab).

Dr Joyce completed her PhD at Dartmouth College, USA in 2018 and has since held research positions and residences on five continents. She has done a pre-doc at the University of Cape Town and South African Astronomical Observatory, South Africa; a postdoc at the Australian National University, Australia; a visiting residence at the Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe at the University of Tokyo, Japan; held the Lasker Data Science Prize Fellowship at the Space Telescope Science Institute and a visiting residence at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, United States; and is now in the final months of her fellowship at Konkoly Observatory, Hungary. She enjoys a large, international network of collaborators who work in many different sub-disciplines.

Dr Joyce's current research projects include the study of evolved, variable stars and reconstructing the evolutionary history of the Milky Way through age--metallicity relations in the Galactic Bulge. Dr Joyce is a world expert in 1D stellar modeling and uncertainty analysis and has recently authored an invited review on convection in 1D stellar models. She also consults on a diverse array of projects related to stellar physics, working closely with asteroseismologists, nuclear astrophysicists, and spectroscopists.

About Me

When I'm not building stars or pushing computers to their limits, I enjoy hiking, skiing, playing piano, dancing, painting, and advocating for the inclusion and support of women and other historically excluded groups in physics and software development.


The record shows I can model just about anything. Contact me for custom stellar tracks, isochrones, or asteroseismic fitting.

Speaking and Outreach Opportunities

I would love to provide a quote, give a remote colloquium at your institute, or present at your outreach event! Please contact me via email.


CSFK Konkoly Observatory, Konkoly-Thege Miklos ut 15-17, Budapest, Hungary 1121

Twitter: @MeridithJoyceGR | the.dr.joyce.method