About Me

In September of 2018, I began a three year postdoctoral fellowship in stellar physics and galactic archeology at the Australian National University with Professor Martin Asplund. I completed my Ph.D. in computational stellar astrophysics under the advising of Professor Brian Chaboyer at Dartmouth College in July of 2018. The last two years of my Ph.D. were spent jointly at the South African Astronomical Observatory in Cape Town, South Africa.

My main research interests include stellar modeling, computational astrophysics, low mass stars, and asteroseismology. I am an expert user of and contributer to the Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Program (DSEP) and Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA) software suite, and frequent user of the GYRE pulsation code. I have some experience with hydrodynamical modeling using Phantom. In August of 2019, I joined the MESA developers in an official capacity.

My background and work experience are primarily in theory and software development. I spend most of my time with large codes and use several languages daily (Python, Fortran, bash, Perl, awk, IRAF, LaTeX, C, and others). My repertoire is always expanding. When I'm not programming, I participate in women's advocacy, dance, and music.



Woolley 35, Mt. Stromlo Observatory, Cotter Road, Acton, ACT, Australia

Twitter: @MeridithJoyceGR